Monday, May 08, 2017

Spring Garden Update

We're transitioning into summer, here in the Bay Area.  After several years of drought, we finally had a wet winter, and the garden is looking pretty healthy.  I'm going to toss out a few photos from my phone, mostly as a record for myself.  

This is the view from the seating area under our pluot tree.  Robb built us adjustable awnings, because the sun can be really scorching.  The pink thing on the right is a chair cushion, the grey blob on the pink thing is our kitty Smog, enjoying a siesta.

I've started a whole lot of bean plants, some of which are ready to plant out in the garden, and some of which are still too small.  I have a strange vegetable garden:  either plants go crazy, or they utterly fail to thrive. Beans do great, and we plant a lot of them.

This is the view to the left of the same seating area.  We divided the lawn, to contain our destructive hens.  Anyone who tells you that you can have a beautiful garden, chickens, and no fences is lying.

The plants in pots are orchids.  I need to rethink where they're growing.  I haven't found the ideal location for them.

Here's the view from the henhouse, looking across the vegetable garden.  We have very compact soil, and the boards are used as walkways, hopefully limiting the tamping down of the ground.

You can see the bean trellis that Robb built on the left, as well as the Lori beehive.

Here's the view in the other direction.  I just love the henhouse that Robb built.  He just built us a new back fence.  The fence at the Blight House is falling down, and we wanted to replace it with something less depressing than the current shambles.

Baby bean plants.  I've got a variety of bush beans planted.  Now lets just hope the slugs and snails don't eat them.

I took out our kale, which had gone to seed.  These are baby collard greens that I got from cuttings from the home where I got the Alicia bees.  Also pictured are the Victoria rhubarb, some volunteer arugula and chasmanthe (or possibly crocosmia).  The collards look pretty sad, but I'm optimistic that they'll thrive.

If you're interested in reading what other gardeners are growing, head over to Our Happy Acres, hosts of the Monday Harvest blog-party.


Lea said...

It looks like you are well on your way to a great garden!
Have a wonderful week!

Kathy said...

Your outdoor area looks really interesting and I am looking forward to seeing your season unfold. Quite different to ours here in UK

wildtomato said...

I have such high hopes for my Berkeley garden this year! Your garden looks amazing. The rain has helped my yard green up a lot.

Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

I hear you about the chickens in the garden! I had a neighbor with goats once, and they would eat anything green, including trees. I hope your bees are doing well. We lost ours over a year ago and haven't gotten any more yet. It's frustrating to lose them, of course it's no picnic for the bees either!


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