Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Great architecture has only two natural enemies: water and stupid men." -- Richard Nickel

Our 1925 cottage may not be "great architecture" but it certainly has an adorable front porch.  Here it is a few years ago, at Halloween.  (Details on painting the hellmouth can be found here.)

We've known this porch needed love, for some time now.

The whole thing is catty-whompus:  crooked in every direction imaginable.  

The problem wasn't just that the structure was a bit off-kilter.  It turns out that the porch suffered from both of the enemies of architecture:  water, and stupid choices.  The problems were a multiplication of both those factors.  

Luckily, Robb is both fearless and skilled in house-building.  The whole project makes me a bit queazy, but he's undaunted.

I'm sure our neighbors are suitably horrified.


Peter Svenonius said...

If you haven't reinstalled the stairs by October, you could put the Hellmouth *under* the porch deck this time -- that would be scary looking!


K said...

We redid the stairs to our deck. Bless you. It's so satisfying to stand back and enjoy a job well done, though!


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