Monday, January 30, 2017

So Proud

I am so proud of Lisa for all her efforts lately.  Over the past couple of weeks she has been researching and writing to elected leaders to encourage their support for defending the rights of people everywhere. She has inspired friends across the country to get involved, too.

And this past weekend, she spent each day with hundreds and then thousands of protesters at the San Francisco airport to voice support for visitors, immigrants, refugees and lawful permanent residents targeted for their religion.


That sign?  Oh yeah, Lisa's grandfather (Lázár Andor) was the Minister of Justice for Hungary in the 1930s. After the Soviet invasion, he and his family were declared enemies of the state.  Andor lived out his life under house arrest, slowly going blind as he was denied medical care. His eldest son, (Lisa's uncle, George) spent five years in a Russian prison.  Her father escaped and was granted political asylum in U.S.

Some of the parallels of the Hungarian refugee crisis and those of today are striking.  For more take a look at "Refugees Follow the Path of Hungarians Who Fled Soviets in 1956"


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I stand with you! I'm in a state of constant shock at the turn our country has taken, and the only thing that helps me to feel better is doing something about it. Down here in Tennessee it feels like swimming against the tide sometimes. I think about our country's history with Japanese interment camps. Turning away Jewish refugees during WWll and other events and just wonder why we can't see this situation for what it is- misunderstanding, fear, and hate. People like you are a light in the world. You bring hope, understanding and stability. I believe that in the end right will prevail. And I believe it in part because of the good people who stand up to injustice and choose to love those around them.


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