Friday, September 02, 2016


Shortly after my accident, (it feels like a lifetime ago) during my weeks in the rehab hospital, I remember a therapist said something that stuck with me.  It was a simple yet audacious suggestion and I clung to it like a lifeline.  He asked me to imagine a time in the future when "you are stronger than you've ever been."

At the time I took "strong" to mean resilient or mental toughness. What else could it be? In that moment I could not take a step, could not stand, could not even sit upright for very long.  But I held on to that phrase.  It was an outcome to focus on.

Some time later, I thought back to that moment when I met some of the athletes with disabilities at BORP.  These people were the definition of strength.  Many of them had seen a lifetime of struggle–– emotional, physical, psychological, social, financial, you name it.  They don't seek to be inspirational. They're not trying to set a good example–– they're just living their lives, taking what life throws at them.  They're trying and failing and trying and succeeding just like everyone else. But they inspire me.

So, from time to time when I need a little mantra to push me forward, I say to myself "stronger than I've ever been" and I think of them.  If they can do it so can I.

Reason #47 we think BORP is amazing. We're supporting them again this year with our tenth annual Revolution ride. We hope you can join us by making a contribution.

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