Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Pile Of Denial


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not afraid of an ambitious project. I tend to attack these projects fearlessly, and with no roadmap. 

I'm not afraid to go on long excursions into terra incognito. I enjoy the challenge of figuring things out. 

But occasionally this gets me into trouble, and I stall. 

I had been working on this elaborate cable-knit sweater, when our house became infested with moths. It was carnage. The amount of wool (and alpaca) that was destroyed was staggering. And among the casualties was this partially-finished pullover. 

While I'm generally fearless about initiating complex projects, I discovered that I was totally demoralized by the prospect of repairing a garment I hadn't even finished. The moth infestation truly upset me. So I did what any resourceful knitter would do: I turned to Ravelry. There I found a lovely local knitter, who genuinely enjoyed complex darning projects. 

She did a beautiful job of repairing this fiendishly complicated (and hairy!) project. And Robb and I waged war on the moths. 

And before I could finish knitting, the moths attacked again. 

I felt utterly defeated. I threw the pieces of this garment into an airtight container, chucked in a handful of mothballs, and stuffed the whole thing into the darkest recesses of my closet. 

I consigned the sweater to the Pile of Denial. 

But winter is coming, and I couldn't ignore this project forever. So I dug it out, sewed up the sleeves and shoulder seams, and set to work darning moth holes. 

I'm not finished, but I'm almost there. 

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