Sunday, November 08, 2015



I'm still working on my cardigan. I had to dye more yarn for the hems and facings. I'm doing enclosed facings and hems, rather than knitting ribbing. In truth, I'm just groping my way toward the image inside my mind. 

Today's task was to tidy up the ends of the yarn that were left over each time I changed color.  I had originally braided these loose ends, to keep them out of the way. But obviously, that wasn't a completed solution. After consulting with other knitters online, I opted to tie the ends off in what's called a surgeon's knot.

It's utterly terrifying to cut apart knitting that I've worked on for so long. 


Unless you're a kitty named Cardigan, in which case it's BITE BITE BITE all the time. 

String-biting aside, I'm now a little bit closer to a final garment. 


Dianna said...

How are Smog, Sleeves and Cardigan these days??

Anonymous said...

Wow your talent is beyond amazing! The sweater is gorgeous!


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