Monday, September 14, 2015

Welcome Home! We've Left You Some Mysteries

Robb and I have just returned from a much-needed weekend out-of-town. I have been working an unrelenting schedule, and was mentally and physically exhausted. 

Our next-door neighbors kept an eye on the chickens, and we left food out for the kitties. 

And when we came home, we found all the dinner plates smashed.  Thankfully, these were all IKEA plates. None of the vintage dishes were broken. 

And this lovely cocktail shaker was sitting on the railing of our back porch. 

There have been no earthquakes in Oakland while we were gone, so I'm inclined to blame the cats. 

But who brought over the cocktail shaker?  


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the God of vintage dishes stopped by!


Theresa Cheek said...

Your well as your dreams....always entertain me! You definitely have some mysteries to solve. Ours usually involve the cats one way or another.


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