Saturday, September 19, 2015

Totally Feral, Right?

Six years ago, when we bought our little house, we'd have glimpses of two shy cats who occasionally passed through our back yard.  These cats were extremely wary of humans, and just wanted to be left alone. We could not approach them. If we got near, they'd shoot out of sight. 

I named them Cardigan and Sleeves, and declared that I would be petting them within six months. Robb, no doubt, thought I was crazy.  But he's too polite to say anything.

With calmness and kindness and patience and food, we've convinced these two sweet brothers that we're not actually Vicious Cat Murderers. Also, they've noticed that we own a lot of comfy furniture. 

But they're still Totally Feral, Right?

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Zippi Kit said...

A tiny kitten only about five weeks old came through a chainlink fence and up to us crying. He had left the nest that two females had under the house next door, and he chose us to live with. His name was Sammy and we loved him dearly.

I don't think house cats are feral at heart, just hunters. They love to be pampered, fed and play times as much as a dog does. Thank you for saving these two beautiful little cats!


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