Friday, September 25, 2015

Tomorrow We Ride!


I wanted to thank everyone who has contributed (so far) to our BORP fundraising efforts.  Robb and I are truly moved by the generosity shown by all of you.

We want to offer our most heartfelt thanks to

Anne Ronan
Barbara Jordan
Bethany Herron
Cori Lucas
Chris and Erica Fire
Ed Cullen
Emma Lehman
Isabel Ginsberg
Jennifer Caleshu
Jill Marchant
Joan Bauer
Kelsey Hogan
Lassen Hines
Laura Fichtenberg
Laurel Przybylski
Lisa Braat
Lisa Goersch
Lli Wilburn
Lynn Eve Komaromi 
Madeleine Oldham
Megan Wygant
Mel Bratz
Melanie Treuhaft
Michael Rosenthal and Marlene Roggow
Myrrhia Resneck
Pamela Hernandez
Polly Ikonen
Susie Medak

And if anyone else still is able to make a contribution -- of any amount -- we would be so grateful.

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