Sunday, September 20, 2015

Cardigan and Sleeves

Our somewhat-feral cat Sleeves is a great mystery. Sometimes it seems like he can't see a thing, which is deeply distressing for all parties involved. He stands sobbing in our kitchen, apparently terrified because he can't find his brother Cardigan, and all the while Cardigan is standing right next to him. I'd accept the theory that blue-eyed Sleeves was blind, if I didn't regularly see him traversing the neighbors' rooftops, or (thankfully, not-so-regularly) plucking birds from the air. 

When Sleeves starts panicking, Robb and I try to comfort him. The thing is, I never know what's going to set him off. I'll be petting him, and he'll be in a frenzy of bliss. And then suddenly he'll get spooked. In an instant, his world will go from Joy to Terror. 

Having Cardigan around comforts Sleeve's fears. And if Sleeves can't snuggle up with a capital-C Cardigan, he can always avail himself of my current lower-case-C cardigan knitting project. 

Really, what's more cozy than wrapping one's self up in a nice wooby cardigan?


K said...

Have you read Temple Grandon's book on understanding animals?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I haven't! Truthfully, I've long been distressed by her work with large-scale animal slaughter. It's hard for me to separate her compassion from all that killing.

K said...

She is such an intriguing person. Google her on NPR and give a short listen. She has taken something terrible (slaughter houses) and made them more humane for the animals, and really revolutionized the way these animals are handled and treated. That is just a small part of her work, and I admire her for her compassion towards helping others understand animals and treating them well. She knew and unequivocally accepted that these animals were being raised for food, and yet saw a problem with how they were being treated and wanted to make them feel comfortable and unafraid. Her insights have been very helpful in different aspects of my life.

I hope you feel better soon. Boo infectious diseases!


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