Monday, November 17, 2014

Home and Garden


Another Wonky Panorama. Aren't the teenaged chickens huge?

This weekend was all about tidying and organizing.  I tackled a project that has long been nagging at me:  organizing our bookshelves.  At the moment, we have significantly more books than we can fit into our home, so something had to change.  I've currently got two stacks of books in the kitchen to give away.  Whats impressive is that we had a huge Book Purge prior to buying our house, and another one when we left Connecticut to move to California.

I'm also flirting a Wardrobe Purge.  I have too many clothes that I never wear.  I need to pull every garment out of storage, try everything on, and then ruthlessly edit what I own.  At the moment, there are too many aspirational clothes, clothes of good intention.  if I'm never going to wear something, why is it cluttering up my house?

The truth is that I have a bit of a problem throwing things away.  I need to get over my weird guilt, and just set these things loose in the universe. Books will go to friends. Clothes that don't fit will be donated to charity.  It shouldn't be that complicated.

After stirring up all the dust in the house, I moved on to the garden.  A friend had ordered a load of mulch and offered me some of the leftovers.  There's nothing like mulch to make a garden look tidy and intentional. 

This winter's crop of fava beans are coming along. They're a bit sprawling at the moment, and some are falling over. I'm not sure what that's about.  In the past, we've grown un-named fava beans.  They were amazingly vigorous, but neither Robb nor I were particularly fond of them. Eventually I realized that I was probably trying to eat something that was intended more for animal feed, and sought out an actual culinary variety of beans.  We'll see if this kind (Windsor) is any better.

If you're interested in reading what other gardeners are up to, mosey on over to Daphne's blog for the weekly garden jamboree.


Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

I love that fisheye view! I've been on an organizing kick too. I swear, stuff must sneak in the door when I'm not looking, and before I know it things are a mess!

Anonymous said...

Those chickens better be careful, someone might mistake them for turkeys next week! ~speedsquare

Anonymous said...

Those chickens better be careful. They may be mistaken for turkeys next week. ~speedsquare

Daphne Gould said...

I've been doing a lot of decluttering around the house. I went through my clothes too and donated what I didn't want anymore. I even cleaned the basement. Now I can find things in the garden area down there.


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