Friday, September 05, 2014

Hope and Gratitude

Eight years ago, I was in a hospital room in San Francisco with a beautiful view of the East Bay Hills.  I couldn't walk, couldn't stand, I couldn't even sit up on my own.  Somebody (a therapist or a counselor) told us about BORP.  They sponsored outdoor programs, she said.  I could enjoy some of the physical activities I once did.

Something just clicked.

I had very little evidence that I would ever be able to get out there and do those things, but it was a goal and I needed a goal.

Months later, at the BORP cycling center, I tried out one adaptive cycle after another.  The folks there showed me what I could do, what was possible.

These days, on my regular 14-mile ride along the San Francisco Bay, I see that same view I had out my hospital room window. It always makes me think about all the love and support and hope that got me up out of that bed.

Every year, we do our bit to say thanks to BORP and ensure that it's there for the next guy.

In three weeks, we'll undertake a 20-mile ride ( a daily commute for some; an Everest for others) to raise $1,000 for BORP.  We hope you can help.

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