Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Vomiting Chicken Recipes -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


There's a spot in my vegetable garden where nothing seems to thrive.  It gets plenty of sun, and water, but somehow everything I plant there struggles until it eventually bolts.  I have no idea what the problem is.

At the moment, the plants that I'm busily killing in this part of the garden are radishes.


These are the plants that gardening articles suggest growing with children, because they're so satisfyingly un-kill-able.  Any idiot should be able to grow radishes.  Except me.  I'm clearly special.

My radishes are stunted, and have the texture of pencils.  However they had a lovely crop of greens, and I had a vague memory of a friend mentioning making radish green soup.  When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you radish greens....

A quick internet search turned up a lot of recipes that sounded workable, but contained potatoes.  Since I'm -- sadly -- now allergic to the delicious members of the nightshade family, I had to keep looking for suitable recipes.

Eventually I found this recipe.  From a website called VomitingChicken.com.

Oh dear.

Radish leaves don't really say "eat me."  They're covered with spiky hairs, and are prickly and pungent.  And what can one say about the name of that website?  It's, um..... colorful.  It's memorable.  And it's a bit scary for a cooking site.

However, Robb and I are both fearless and a bit insane, and so we cooked up a batch of radish green soup. And, remarkably,  it was delicious!

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Martha said...

I think you could start a new food craze. Baby radishes! And charge 20x the amount of regular "easy to grow" radishes. Just like baby zucchini and baby corn in the 80s. You are definitely on to something.


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