Sunday, June 15, 2014

Prime Time!


Today was the last day of my vacation, and I wanted to feel like I had made some progress on this garage project.  So I really pushed hard. 

Rather than getting every inch fully scraped, I opted to prime the parts that were ready to go, and return to the tricky bits at a later date.  If I went back to work with the wall looking like a scabby mess, I think I'd be really demoralized.

I decided to ignore the "bump out" on the left side of the garage, as well as the horrible mess under the roof, and also the lowest boards which are actually below the level of our garden soil.  I'll deal with all that later.

I gave the entire wall one last good scraping, and then applied a 50/50 mixture of boiled linseed oil and turpentine (known affectionately as "blopentine" on the old house forum that I haunt).  Usually, there's an overnight waiting period, during which the mixture soaks into the wood.  The wood on this garage was so utterly dessicated that I forged on, and started priming after just a few hours.

I'm using an oil-based primer, and will use an acrylic exterior house paint over that.  I wore protective latex gloves while painting, which -- disgustingly -- filled up with sweat as I worked.  I also managed to tear the ass out of one of my two pairs of paint-pants.  I had hoped to find a few more pairs of paint-pants on vacation, but that didn't happen.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with what I accomplished during this time away from my job. A lot of house work, as well as a few trips to the beach.  Not bad, really!


Anonymous said...

If I could, I would not only do a happy dance, but I would also crown you "Queen of Scraping and Priming"
And I'm really not anonymous..I'm really reddirt

strong light said...

Wow - you are one very dedicated scraper! Motivating! (But not so motivating that we will change our minds to just pull our garage rather than scraping it!)


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