Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's New Around the House?


Although we haven't working on an official "house projects" Robb and I have been keeping busy.  We're just loading in scenery for the next show at Berkeley Rep, and have another huge play looming on the horizon.

I took a class on knitting with beads, taught by the always-lovely Kira Dulaney last weekend.  I've been the program coordinator for a local handspinning guild for the past two years, so I've had the opportunity to bring in all sorts of fascinating fiber artists as teachers and speakers.

I try to make the classes as pleasant as possible, and to this end, Robb baked a delicious vegan cake.  Usually, I'm not a fan of vegan baking, because of all the overly processed ingredients used.  (And don't get me started about "raw baking.")  This recipe was made with ingredients that I would classify as actual food, and was exceptionally tasty as well.

The cake is based on a recipe widely available on the web and includes all the basic ingredients you'd expect to find: flour, sugar, salt, cocoa powder, etc.  Oil replaces butter, baking soda provides the leavening, with a boost from some vinegar, and then there's a lot of water.  Our improvements were:  6 oz. of melted dark chocolate and a raspberry jam glaze with raspberry garnish. The additional chocolate adds just a bit more richness and the fruit punches up the flavor without having to resort to a heavy frosting made of vegan-knows-what.  Yum.

Robb strained raspberry jam to make the glaze, and the chickens just about lost what little minds they have when I offered them the strained raspberry seeds. 

Linguine went back the the veterinarian's office, to see if her gall bladder issues were any better.  There blood tests were really alarming, with bilaruben levels off-the-chart.  And her skin and eyes are still quite yellow.  But as usual, she's spunky and acting like a normal healthy cat.  The vet is baffled, and we've agreed to keep an eye on things, and see if anything changes.

We've gotten a tiny bit of rain, and the garden is looking lush. It's too soggy for photography, and besides, Robb and I have to pack up and get on the road for our Falconry class. I'm trying not to jump up and down with excitement about this.  My internal soundtrack is filled with two sounds:  trumpet fanfare, and exciting Lisa-squealing.  Robb is lucky that I'm keeping that to myself.


K said...

Can't wait to hear about your falconry class! How cool!
We've got an egg allergy in our family, & one thing that works really well to replace eggs is ground flax. The ratio is 3 parts water to 1 part flax, and I think about 1/4 cup replaces an egg.

Dianna said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa! I can just about imagine all the feathers which went flying as the chickens scrambled for the strained raspberry seeds! I never knew that chickens liked those kinds of things. Very interesting! As for Linguine, she looks ever superior on her perch in the sun!

A M Jenner said...

Two tablespoons of solid pack pumpkin (not the pre-spiced pumpkin pie filling) will also replace an egg, and leave the recipe NOT tasting of pumpkin, but with the original texture intact.


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