Sunday, March 09, 2014

Offended Dignity


A few months back, I bought a great set of vintage lawn chairs from an estate sale.  They would allow Robb to lie down outside when his back needed a break.  They were a particularly lurid shade of 1950s turquoise, shockingly comfy, and in remarkably good shape.

The cats seem to love them.

But at our house there are RULES.

  • Cardigan and Sleeves, being brothers, can snuggle all day long, and that's just fine.  
  • Smog, being an irritating little urchin, is not invited to snuggle with anyone because he is Too Damn Annoying.  
  • Linguine, being Deposed Nobility, does not snuggle with riffraff.

Apparently, vintage lawn furniture over-rules everything, and Snuggling Chaos ensues.

Linguine is Not Impressed.

1 comment:

Dianna said...

Thanks for the cat update, Lisa! Linguine absolutely cracks me up every single time I see a picture of her! Her facial expressions are priceless!!!! You're right, though, she definitely does not look amewsed. ;-)


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