Monday, November 04, 2013

Monday Garden Update


Smog lounges on our backyard table

After a two-week vacation, spent scraping paint off of my 1940's era kitchen, I'm back to work painting scenery for the theater.  I can't believe I thought we'd be done with the kitchen in a week, and then leave town for some recreational fun.  I clearly over-estimated our paint-scraping abilities.  I did take my birthday "off" but due to a dramatic windstorm, and general exhaustion, we spent the day quietly at home.  Robb bought me a pile of books, and I was more than happy to spend the day reading.

When we bought our house, the back garden was a massive tangle of tree-consuming vines.  I remind myself of that fact whenever I start wallowing in negative thoughts about how everything looks.  Our soil has the texture of hardened concrete, and the hens are grass-eating maniacs.  So our so-called lawn tends to look a bit sparse.

During my vacation, I dug out the summer vegetables that were past their prime.  I added heaps of home-made compost to our garden soil.  I planted kale and peas and garlic (not all of it, alas).

Just like the kitchen project, the garden is in a state of flux.  It's kind of a mess at the moment, but I have to keep telling myself that things can only get better.

Want to read what other gardeners are up to?  Daphne hosts a weekly round-up, that's always worth a visit.


Anonymous said...

Gardens are supposed to be in transition constantly! There is no static perfection in nature, nor any straight lines either!!


Norma Chang said...

Gardens, especially vegetable gardens are supposed to be in a state of mess (well mine is). If it is always neat and tidy like the first day it was planted, then it means things are not growing well, time to worry.

Anonymous said...

I have to say if I was as close to the bay as you are, I would collect a truck full of seaweed every week and add it to the soil. It works wonders. When I was last out there for a job, I collected it on the beach, dried it and mailed it back to Detroit. Yes, I'm that crazy.


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Collecting on the beaches of California is pretty much illegal. They want to leave eco-systems intact, which I totally respect.


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