Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Robb and I have been fooling around with panoramic photographs.  We're still trying to figure things out, but are finding our primitive efforts peculiarly amusing.  That crazy flooring pattern becomes almost hallucinogenic when run through this program.

I took all the doors and most of the drawers into work and primed them.  I did all the drawer surfaces, and the backs of the doors.  I'm using Benjamin Moore's Advance, which is one of these strange hybrid paints, simultaneously oil- and water-based.  I hadn't used this product previously, but so far I'm smitten.  I can't remember the last time that I got so much pleasure out of the act of applying paint to a surface.  Often, I feel like I'm beating my paint into submission, which is not a pleasant experience.  This stuff was a joy to work with.  Let's just hope that it continues to behave nicely.

I am marveling at how well Robb and I managed to ignore the squalor of our kitchen, up until now.  Fixing a little bit up only makes everything else look rattier in contrast.  Sigh....

I finally got my baby peas and kale in the ground.  I've prepared the beds, and will try to get my garlic planted tomorrow.

I'm terribly amused by this photo, because it makes our teeny-tiny yard look quite vast.  Look carefully at the garden fence, and you'll see the bit we still need to paint yellow. Arg.  Will I ever finish painting this place?

From left to right, we can see the Victoria hive, up against the World's Ugliest Fence.  The little yellow house is our garage, which was my big painting project a few summers ago.  Our persimmon tree (to the right of the garage) is ripening nicely.  The pruning I've been doing over the last few years is really working out well, considering the sorry shape the tree was in when we first moved in.  The next building is our neighbor's garage, which is nowhere near their driveway.  I'm eventually going to have to paint the side that faces our yard, but I'm steadfastly ignoring that task as it has a Very High Suck Factor.  To the right of that is another beehive, and then our lovely chicken coop.  The place is a bit of a mess, but I'm okay with that for the moment.  I have a real talent for ignoring messes, which is a good trait in an old home owner.

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K said...

Looks great to me! I love your back yard. You're inspiring stewards!


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