Monday, December 31, 2012

One More Garden Post


I wanted to get in one more garden post before the end of the year. (Honestly, the whole "holiday season" has seemed somewhat unreal to me, despite the fact that we threw a lovely party and had a very nice Christmas. I hardly had a break from work, so it doesn't feel any different from any other weekend.)

Robb has been working on a beautiful low fence, to keep our hooligan hens out of the vegetable garden.  We bought a book on wooden fences a while back, which was very helpful.  However, we have had a good laugh at this fence, because it really does make the back yard look like a rural cemetery.  Hopefully, once we paint the pickets a darker color, it won't seem so much like a family plot.

I did a good deal of pruning this past weekend.  The rosemary bush, which I bought in a four-inch pot no so very long ago, was threatening to over-run our path.  I filled the cover to our firepit, and when I was finished, it hardly looked like I had trimmed the plant at all. I'm calling that good pruning, rather than futility.

Every year, we give the neighbors Christmas cookies, and something from the garden.  This year, everyone got a pretty bundle of rosemary along with their jam and cookies and persimmons.  Garden bribes go a long way toward maintaining good relations with the neighbors.  Our house is definitely the local eye-sore, so I try to stay in everyone's good graces by handing out treats on a semi-regular basis.

I finally got our garlic and shallots planted. Better late than never.  The minimum order of garlic is so absurdly huge, I'm going to have to plant on our side yard, as well as in the actual garden space.

Yup.  Photos of dirt.  I may get my garden planted months after schedule, but I'm such a dork that I'll still photograph my feeble efforts.  Oh yeah.  I may suck, but I do so proudly for all to see.

If you want to see what the non-sucky gardeners are doing, mosey over to Daphne's blog, where she hosts a weekly harvest jamboree.


Michelle said...

The family plot - too funny!

Um, you know what, I still take photos of dirt too...

Debbie said...

I love your little "family plot!" You two are so creative.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

We have hooligan hens too ;) Your fence should do the trick though. Our garlic was late this fall too, but fortunately we grow garlic just about year around in the Bay Area. Happy New Year!

lou p otter said...

I like the white.
Don't your girls fly? Even with clipped wings can't they hop up, on and over the fence?

K said...

Here's a nice link to organic methods for slug riddance:

I hope they work! I'm not sure how some of them would affect the pH level of the soil. (Vinegar? Coffee?)

Unknown said...

Your house has come so far and looks fantastic. I cannot imagine a neighbor complaining...even the hives and coop blend in! At least you didn't string up chicken wire! The family plot looks fab!

Rich and I made a trip to Seattle in november and we found garlic at the Pike Market that looked like it was on steroids... better believe several bulbs of that made it into my luggage!


OK... this is the 7th time I have tried to post to you... but apparentetly I must be a robot! Honestly... no alcohol involved and even Rich looked over my shoulder and agreed that I had the right code!!!


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