Sunday, July 29, 2012



With so many people watching the Olympics, I thought this would be the right time to remind our blog readers about BORP (Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program), the organization that supports athletic and recreational activities for people with disabilities.

Please watch this video, which was made for the Paralympics. It is totally bad-ass, unflinchingly unsentimental, and sums up all the reasons Robb and I raise money to support disabled athletes. Seriously. It's ninety seconds long, and really worth your time.

Go watch it. We'll wait.

Okay, then.

Do you understand why Robb and I believe providing athletic and recreational programs for people with disabilities is important? Do you see how much value and dignity and fun it can bring to people's lives?

Will you join us in supporting BORP? Once again, we're raising money for their REVOLUTION, and asking our friends to help us out. You can follow the link on the right side of our blog. Donating is easy.

Thank you.

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