Friday, July 27, 2012

First Eggs!


On Thursday, our lovely hen Anne Elliot laid her first egg. And on Friday, she gave us another one.

Laying eggs would seem to be a strange activity for our young hen. She spent the hour prior to the event, pacing around, fussing and vocalizing. She pushed the bedding around in her nest box, and sat there looking very hen-like.

We clearly need to line the nest box with something softer than what's there, because this egg had a rough landing.

These eggs are quite small, which is not surprising for a new layer. Here's a size comparison between our two eggs, and a commercial egg.

I'm predicting that Harriet lays the next one. I think Robb's betting on Isabella. Lydia has always been the late bloomer, so we're not pinning our hopes on her.


Stefaneener said...

It's so fun to watch them getting bigger. We're still getting a mix of teensy hummingbird-eggs and regular ones. I haven't observed the birds too closely, but at least 3/6 Americaunas and the buff are laying, according to the eggs. It is really cheery, though, when they do start! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Awww... I had a few hens when I was a young teenager -- they roamed the backyard freely during the day (and laid their eggs wherever they pleased -- my least favorite place being under the yucca, where I'd forget the spine-tipped leaves and nearly poke my eye out, reaching in to find the eggs). Our sheltie didn't bother them, though when it was time to put them back into their hutch, he was always glad to help corral the hens (one at a time, of course) for us. He was good at doing that with our rabbit, as well. Thanks for sharing!

Outdoor Adventurer


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