Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sting, Day Two


Forgive the boring-ness of this post.  This is for my own records, as much as anything else.

The top photo was taken Sunday at 6pm.   I got stung on my leg on Saturday afternoon.  The welt is huge -- about nine inches tall and seven inches across.  It itches like mad.

This is a localized reaction (meaning that it only affected the area where it occurred) and thus falls into the category of non-serious bee stings.  Nevertheless, it's driving me crazy.  I'm not sure why my feet look so dirty.  Grass stain from the garden, perhaps? 

I'm a bit worried about the severity of the reaction, and if that indicates that I'm becoming more sensitized to bee stings.  I know that I got a full dose of venom from this sting.  I had a devil of a time digging the stinger out of my leg.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It may just bee that the edema is going down your leg. I got stung on the top of my arm and in two days the swelling was down to my elbow because of gravity pulling the fluid down. Looked bad but wasn't, according to the urgent care doc. Itched like crazy though and took two weeks to go away.


Stefaneener said...

Yep, that's my reaction pretty much, but often less colorful. It isn't much fun! I hope it gets much better.


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