Saturday, March 03, 2012

March Garden


We've never grown fava beans before, but I picked some up last fall at the Biofuel Oasis in Berkeley. The plants are lush and tall, and covered in interesting blooms. The hummingbirds and bees visit them with some regularity, but actual beans are very slow in forming.

Our plum tree is blooming, and a usual, the bees seem to be ignoring it. Every spring, I despair about pollination, and every summer we end up with more plums than we quite know what to do with.

Even more excitingly, the grafts from last spring are blooming, as are many of this year's grafts! I'm not sure if the physical grafts will be strong enough to support the weight of fruit. I think I'm going to leave things alone, because the plum tree is very good at dropping unsupported fruit.

Our bees are going crazy. The QEII hive is lagging somewhat, but I think that's only in contrast to the insane business over at the Gloriana and Magnolia hives.

The pluot tree is covered in blooms. We got two fruits from it last summer, and I'm hopeful about a nice harvest this go-around.

Our lettuce and beet greens are glorious. The baby fig trees are unfurling their leaves. The pomegranate made it through the winter, and has tiny red leaves. The lemon trees are covered in fruit.

Life is good.

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Mr. H. said...

Fava beans present an interesting plant, you will get a kick out of them. They are one of our favorite beans to grow, we mostly dry our fava beans to be used in soups and such. Sounds like you were very successful with your grafts...congrats on that.:)


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