Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dramatic Paws


Our little cat Smog is full of energy.

He's so very full of energy that all the other cats find him rather annoying.

Smog would be happiest playing Chase Me all day long, and everyone else wishes he'd learn to play Leave Me the Hell Alone.

Smog is exuberant, but the other cats have Street Smarts. Twice now, Robb has seen Smog go charging up to Linguine, in the hopes that she'll play with him.

Linguine lifts her paw in the air.

Smog runs full-force into her paw, effectively punching himself in the face.

She's no fool, our Linguine.


Jenn said...

Smog sounds awfully like our Stig back when she was little and tormenting our late Kiwi. They told us that Stig and her brothers and sisters were rescued out of an old tire in San Francisco.

Anne Bonny said...

I LOVE cat feet, so soft and sweet! Two of my cats have the foot tufts, but neither of them will let me rub them :(, well, not without getting bit that is. I love the story of Linguine getting her say! hahah I also love that the Labels for this story are "cats" and "demented"! hahah fantastic!


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