Saturday, November 05, 2011

Friends, Imaginary and Otherwise.


knitter meets sea anemone

Today I had a day off from classes at the Interweave Labs conference. I convinced one of my Imaginary Friends* knitting goddess Mary Jane Mucklestone to leave the business-park environs of the conference center while the sun was shining and go to the beach. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

I know I use this word too much but, Mary Jane is amazing. Click any of these words to see her work.

Also: knitted eyeballs.

The federally protected harbor seals were hanging out near the entrance to the beach, so we weren't able to roam very far. (All marine mammals have protected status in the United States, and humans are not supposed to approach closer than 100 yards.)

We met up with Mary Jane's in-laws and had a lovely time clambering over the rocks, and peering at the creatures who inhabit the tidepools. Robb talked brewing and distilling with Mary Jane's (lady distiller, how cool is that?) sister in-law, and I demonstrated my scintillating conversational skills.

I'm sure that everyone was thrilled beyond measure to be told that sea-slugs breath through their butts.

gull with sea star

I won't share any of the unflattering photos taken of us humans today.

eyes bigger than stomach

I'll stick with embarrassing the wildlife.

* Imaginary Friend: Robb's name for the people I "know" only on the internet.


Rabid Quilter from CA said...

Forget the amazing socks on the link--I want those red SHOES!!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

And you get the clever visual pun, right?

They're Mary Janes!

Anonymous said...

When I started letterboxing, my kids complained that I started running around in the woods looking for tupperware and had a whole new set of imaginary friends that had disney like names!


Stefaneener said...

Color me jealouss!

mary jane said...

Oh it was so much fun. The highlight of my trip, but that better be a secret!

Carolina said...

Funny Rob. I've also been calling my internet friends that for ages. Now I have a category of "real imaginary friends"--i.e. ones that I correspond with frequently. Much better than imaginary real friends?


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