Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Petting Zoo, Ever!


Although they went away for the afternoon on Monday, the goats were back on Tuesday. I borrowed a pair of scissors from work, and spent part of my lunch hour, cutting down fennel and feeding it to my inquisitive goat friends. I cannot tell you how many people stopped their cars, and got out to smile at the goats. This brought me a great deal of joy.

The found dog is apparently reunited with its people. As soon as my coworkers walked through the door of the animal shelter, they were told that that a distraught owner had been calling all day, hoping that someone had found their dog. This is the best possible outcome.

As for the sweater, I ripped out the sleeve and started again. I'll be knitting both sleeves at once, so that I can hopefully keep them matching.

Robb bought a red light for the porch, and an outdoor spotlight to illuminate our hellmouth. We're still trying to focus the spotlight, so that it shows off the painting without blinding people as they walk down our stairs. I'd like to find a way to light the red stairs, so that they look like a sprawling tongue. If I do say so myself, the house looks really bad-ass!

1 comment:

Anne Bonny said...

So glad the doggie found his family!

What a pain about the sweater, but how fun to feed the goats! I Love goats, soo cute!

I can't wait to see the pics of your house!


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