Monday, August 15, 2011

Perfect Birthday

Thanks to all you well-wishers. We went up to wine country for the weekend and had a fantastic time.

On Saturday morning, we went up to the Russian River, took out a couple of kayaks and spent the day paddling, swimming and picnicking along the banks.

It took us long enough to discover this (after eight years living here) but this is the Northern California version of spending the day at the beach. (Usually the coastal fog, wind, rough surf and cold water make the complete day-at-the-beach experience more challenging here). Large groups of people will rent canoes, load them up with: ice chests, beer, pool toys, children, beer, wine, beer and dogs and then set off downstream stopping at every swimming hole and sandy bank. It's a floating party for miles.

After a day on the river we checked into a Bed and Breakfast in the little hamlet of Geyserville. We're getting to know the town well since we go there every year for the annual BORP fundraising ride. The B&B (the Hope-Bosworth Inn) is a gorgeous Victorian house which was decorated with Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper in every room. They have a small vineyard in the back, a swimming pool and, for a modern touch, enough solar panels on their carport to power half the town.

The following day we drove down to the West County Trail, a beautiful, secluded, paved, off-road bike and walking path which runs for miles over rolling hills, through little towns, ranches and vineyards.

Huge stretches of the trail are lined with blackberry bushes and we were there at exactly the right time. The canes were heavy with ripe berries and all the neighbors were out with their gloves and buckets and ladders.

At midday we stopped at a little café, ate lunch on their garden patio and asked for empty carry-out containers. On the way back we spent a couple of hours peddling and picking, peddling and picking until about six pounds of berries loaded down Lisa's bike basket.

I'm glad we had a chance to ride this trail because it's the route that the kids take on the BORP ride. Every year at the event, we find ourselves wondering what their ten-mile ride was like. Now we know it is some of the most beautiful cycling in the region.

We can't wait to go back and we won't have long to wait. In six weeks, we will return to Geyserville for our fourth annual Revolution ride.

If you'd like to add your support to BORP and their sports and recreation programs for children with disabilities, please join us by clicking here and then choosing "Lisa Lazar" or "Robb Bauer" from the "Select a participant" pull down menu. Thanks.

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