Sunday, April 10, 2011

This and That


The blog has been languishing because Robb has been sick with a miserable, lingering cold and because I've been so busy at work. Also, I managed to pull a muscle in my neck, PETTING THE CAT, and I've been really uncomfortable. I really should tell people that I hurt my neck saving a child from a burning building, because the truth is so pathetic.

Robb's physiatrist (the doctor that oversees his rehabilitation) moved out of state, and Robb finally got an appointment with a new doctor. We like this one, just as we liked the one Robb started with. I drove Robb to the appointment, because he was still feeling so unwell from the cold. It's probably good that I did, because Robb is too demure and polite, and doesn't always accurately describe his condition. I think he doesn't want to be seen as a "complainer" which is admirable in some situations, but maybe not so much when starting with a new physician. I found myself having to step in a few times and "fill in the blanks."

One odd detail from the doctor's visit was the fact that the practice does not accept checks. This doctor specializes in pain management for people with disabilities, and apparently, there are plenty of scam artists/addicts who will fake or exaggerate a medical condition in an attempt to get prescriptions for pain medications. Folks like that aren't above writing a bad check for their scammed drugs. Classy, huh?

(Like those lemons? I got them from a neighbor on a local gardening discussion forum. I made a stupid amount of marmalade, and will write about that anon.)


Natasha said...

I just have to say... hearing that you pulled a muscle petting a cat, is making me feel so much better about getting a back spasm from sitting at a computer! I hope you feel better quickly - I know I'm hoping to do such things like wash my hair, pain-free soon! ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can pay your bill in lemons? Or in home made Marmalade? It is spring like here now but we haven't actually seen the sun here in some weeks now... It would be NICE to see sunlight for as bit.

But the additional daylight does also point out that no one has been cleaning my kitchen either! I gotta do some cleaning soon, as our cats are shedding and are very generous with their fur. In a while we will help our alpaca neighbors hear their herd and I will score some seconds for you. Seconds being the wool from the neck and not the legs. The original wool I had here had a family of mice get into it and I was strongly urged by a horrified alpaca breeder to NOT send it on to you. I'll get you seconds and you can go to town on that.

I am trying to get her partnered up with a place I work part time at to get them 4H funding. Been doing that a lot lately. No one else wants to wade thru the paperwork and I got a system. I've been pumping your sister for chicken info. Its funny to me here how I am living in the country and talking to a Brooklyn chick to get chicken info! A lot of the traditional farmers have sold their farms here and there are only a few farmers left who have chickens and sell eggs. Its actually hard to get farm raised eggs because there is such a demand for it. Maybe you sister should sell hers online?



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