Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Winter Knitting


I've been quietly knitting ear-warmers for the painters in my employ. The theater where I work is moving our scene shop, and as part of the move, all of the heating systems are being ripped out and taken over to the new space.

No heat? Giant gaping holes in our roof?

Lisa knits hats for her staff.

Most of the hats are double-sided earwarmers. They're essentially tubes, knit in a variety of slip-stitch patterns. They've been a lot of fun to knit. Challenging enough not to be boring. Portable, and small enough to get finished before I lose interest.

I did this pattern before on a sweater that I designed for my niece.

I knit the entire tube, and then grafted the "live" ends together. Some people hate grafting. I rather like it, because the end result is so magical.

This hat looks super-complicated, but it's not. I used self-striping yarn and a biased stripe construction.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! You are amazing!!

Are you taking orders???


Anonymous said...

Those are very nice indeed!!!

lucky them:)

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

How cute! Those are lovely. I've never been brave enough to knit in two colors, but I do cable-knit (Aran style). Now I feel like a slacker...I still have a half finished Alice Starmore Aran sweater here, that's been that way since we moved here. My poor husband might never get to wear it at this rate!

dianesteelequilts said...

Oh my! THese are lovely! with all the tiresome work you've been doing lately, I'll bet knitting is the only thing you have energy for. Knowing how quiet, creative endeavors can soothe, it's a win-win. What a lucky
staff you have!

Eliza said...

Wow! I'm always so impressed when I see someone knitting, but your hats seem extra special (all those colors!)

camissonia said...

I am so impressed! Do you plan on marketing these? I can picture them on the shelves at REI.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And very useful! The weather has turned here and if it gets UP to 20 degrees now we feel lucky!


mary jane said...

mmmm, scrumptious! no eye-stabbing corrugated ribbing...!


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