Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Meltdown


This pretty much summed up how I was feeling, yesterday. It was time for my annual holiday meltdown.

I think that there's so much pressure to have a "perfect" Christmas, that we fail to live in the moment and savor what we have. I was certainly failing yesterday. The last couple of months had been total chaos. Robb broke his back -- again! I was working on a gigantic, tedious, yet artistically unfulfilling project. As soon as that show opened, we had to open another one. And on top of that, we were moving our seventeen THOUSAND square foot warehouse-studio.

I was cranky and burned out. I managed to catch a nasty, tenacious cold. Both our cars needed repairs. Our house was in disarray. Robb fell in a gopher hole (or something) in our back yard and jolted his back.

And I just sort of imploded.

Today is better.

Robb has actually pretty much recovered from his broken back. He's returned to swimming, which is wonderful.

I'm going to try to tackle the huge project of finding proper homes for some of our stuff. When we first moved in to our little house, we just sort of "parked" things in the front bedroom. This isn't working, and instead of getting horribly stressed out by the piles, I'm going to try to find a logical way to organize things.

We're going to bake cookies for the neighbors. And we're just going to enjoy having a few quiet days at home together.


Anonymous said...

Being at home together with no pressures is exactly what it is all about! Peace


Kristin aka kjnohr aka Trekkie Gal said...

Hugs and wishes for a very happy and restful holiday to the both of you!


ASL Girl said...

Hope you and Rob and the cats have a relaxing Christmas together. This time of year can be very stressful, but it's pictures like the one you posted (is that Linguini?) that make people laugh and remember to have fun. Thanks for all the great blogging you do. I REALLY enjoy reading your posts about cats, yarn, bees and all the rest.

ASL Girl

Sarcasmo said...

Very Happy Holidays to you both and as a frequent reader, I'm happy to hear that Robb is on the mend. Happy New Year!

A/Q Sarcasmo -Di

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I really, really hope that 2011 treats you well - at least better than 2010!!!


Debbie said...

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year. Take a deep breath, drink a little wine and enjoy the holiday.

MommaWriter said...

I'm with you there. I can't stand feeling like I just don't have time for the cookies! But the cookies are coming along, this year...not fast enough, of course!

Hope you get some much needed rest this holiday season!


Cara said...

Much love to you both. Holidays are stressful, most definitely. May your cookie making bring you joy and laughter.

Anonymous said...

best wishes for Christmas!

Karen said...

Hi! I totally agree with all you said about Christmas stress! And for the first time, I have not really done anything (OK I made danish liver paste. Yummy!)christmassy, not even baked traditional cookies. And then I woke up today with flu! How totally annoying. I hope you both stay as healthy as possible for the holidays and really relax together!
Happy Hols. Karen

Pamina said...

Congratulations on surviving the move and the holiday challenges. Thanks for linking me to your blog from the bee forum. It was great to see all the bee cup pictures, and that is certainly what they looked like. I hope you are enjoying this glorious sunny day here in Oakland. Are you still in East Oakland?

Anonymous said...

Every year, I sort of think to myself.... wouldn't it be better if we could do Christmas every other year? I've actually said it out loud a few times!



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