Monday, November 22, 2010

Complementary Colors


Remember the Color Wheel? Remember the notion of complementary colors, located across the wheel from one another?

Well, during my very busy weekend, I noticed a few lovely pairings of blue and orange.

The few persimmons that grew on our tree this year are ripe, and the local birds didn't lose any time in finding them. This Western Scrub Jay is feasting.

And this slug is probably having a fine meal of orange fungus on the side of a fallen log.

(How was everyone's weekend? I worked all Saturday. Robb and I refinanced our house with a door-to-door notary on Sunday. I went to the grand opening of a fiber studio in Oakland, and most of the meeting of a local hand-spinning guild. And I went hiking.)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Complimentary Colors this weekend... Baby Bookworm held her last boxing event (for a few years anyways) up in Carmichael this past weekend. The colors up there are so much more vivid and enjoyable (not NYS quality, but good for CA). Obviously you see what I did this past weekend, and had an enjoyable time with boxing buddies. Wish you and Robb could have been part of the fun, so maybe with proper recovery, we'll see you both at events in the future.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, Wendy

Mama Bear said...

Thank you - I always found the blue/orange pair the hardest complimentary pair to enjoy. These pictures certainly help!


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