Sunday, August 22, 2010



From time to time, I look at the search queries that brought people to our blog.

And I never fail to be delighted by these lists.

Here are my current favorites.

arboreal critter meaning
apologies to cats
baby lizard in my closet
bees carrying dead away
bees carrying pollen
bees that kill trees
big hairy
big hairy spiders
can a lizard bite give me hepatitis?
can we cut down only half of our mulberry tree?
creating tiles for eurydice
handprinted wallpaper
haunted mulberry tree
hot naked ladies
how to catch wild honey bees?
how do you like our owl?
i am the biggest stupid
i need someone to talk to about my problems for free
if im allergic to fresh tomatoes can i touch them
lisa laugh
make styrofoam look like wood
"point reyes" "rocks with holes"
pulley system to get grocery upstairs
serious slug problem
shorebird + "blue legs"
slime mold safe to eat
squirming worm
strand board garage walls man cave
tidal woobie sweater
toddler accidentally ate coffee grinds
wall looks strange behind old wallpaper
what is lemon robb used in 18 - 19th century
what the heck is a scenic artist?
where do bees carry their dead to?
where to buy a telephone pole?

Yup. That pretty much sums up our life.


biobabbler said...

what a great idea. =) how do you do that? sometimes I can tell what it is, other times the link just brings me to a blank google page.

Becky said...

Ha! I'm going to work the phrase "how do you like our owl?" into our next improv show.

Gail said...

Fascinating isn't it! Love the one seeking someone to talk to for free! gail

MommaWriter said...

The search terms are hysterical, but I still haven't gotten over the squirrel tongue in the photo! Love it! Wonder what happens if I search on "squirrel tongue". Think you'll come up?


p.s. robbioto is my word verification today. Is that goofy, or what?

Christine said...

Yours take the cake! Mine aren't nearly as hilarious, but here's a couple:

"cut something off" inspiration

brainstorm plant

do saints make mistakes?

idora foo foo comet flower

so interesting to cruise the analytics- you never know what you'll find!

robb said...

bb-- We use google analytics and sometimes statcounter. Look at "traffic sources" and then keywords.

Octopus Knits said...

Awesome!!! I love your squirrel-tongue photo, too :)

P.S. Your house looks lovely! Your plate rail paraphernalia, carpets, etc. are all wonderful (and I adore the photo of the black kitty sticking it's tongue out on the pile of rugs - very devilish indeed) :)

Stefaneener said...

Mine are not that funny, but yours take the cake.

Anonymous said...

I like "I am the biggest stupid". Sigh. Some days are like that.


JGH said...

Those are so funny. I posted an ad for my petsitter on my blog not to long ago, with his phone number. This week he got a call from someone asking if a spider that she saw on my blog was poisonous! Talk about weird phone calls. He couldn't figure out why she was calling him!

Nancy Lewis said...

You once mentioned the thrill of the touch of wildlife on your hand, well check this out:

Christine said...

I see Nancy's hummingbird hand feeding and I raise her one hummingbird face feeding...

Elephant's Eye said...

No wonder Lisa is laughing? Are your bees settled, problems sorted?


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