Monday, May 10, 2010

Rolling, Once Again.


Not surprisingly, buying a eighty-something-year-old house has kept me and Robb so busy that we haven't been doing a lot of cycling. Spring is here, and our friend Julie is visiting, so we dug out the bikes and hit the trail.

The day looked ominous, with scattered showers. But hey, Julie spent the last three years living in Oregon and Hawaii, and she hasn't melted yet.

Julie is a former intern and co-worker of mine from the Glimmerglass Opera. She just finished a Masters' Degree in teaching, and before that was teaching windsurfing and kayaking in Hawaii. She's on her way back to Maryland (where we're both from) to teach at boating camp in Baltimore.

People who grew up on the East Coast are usually amused by our cheeky beach-dwelling Ground Squirrels. Squirrels that live in burrows? That's madness!


Eliza said...

Perhaps my aunt and uncle would be less maniacal in their hatred of squirrels if they all lived in the ground instead of trees (or more importantly -- attics).

It's completely adorable, thanks for sharing the photo! The biking excursion looks like fun, too. :)

camissonia said...

That is one cute squirrel. Granted, I have a tug-of-war relationship with the squirrels in our neck of the woods, but they are always spunky and full of personality. Especially when they try to shimmy their way up the bird feeder, which is perched atop a 6' pole with squirrel baffle. They have their niche, and at the end of the day, I must grudgingly admit to enjoying their never-ending antics and seeing their cheeks overstuffed with bird seed!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day for riding bikes! The weather doesn't matter- as they say, a bad day in California is better than a great day anywhere else!

I had a dream that Robb got a Fulbright in Painting. What does that mean? Been painting your house lately?



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