Friday, April 30, 2010



The Western Scrub Jays are doing a very good job of training me. When they show up in the back yard, I'm ready with peanuts, for their enjoyment.

Unfortunately, they move so quickly that getting a decent photograph is almost impossible.

I know that a lot of people dislike these birds, because they are aggressive, and seem use their superior intelligence for nefarious ends.

People hate raccoons for pretty much the same reasons. Too smart. Too devious. Too good at getting into trouble.

But I maintain that we hate these animals because they're just a little too much like us. They're smart, and adaptable, and aren't passive or fearful. I've always thought that the bad traits that we hate most in others are the traits we are guilty of having, ourselves.


Gina said...


Nancy Lewis said...

I've been having a little talk with a rat in our yard about this very subject! The cat brought him in to the kitchen, unharmed. We let him go.


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