Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Buzzing About


Tonight is the monthly meeting of my local beekeeper's association. Hopefully, we'll get good news about the colony of bees our friend Taylor is splitting for us.

Of course, I haven't figured out the mechanics of transporting a colony of bees from Taylor's back yard in Alameda, to our house in Oakland. I'm hoping her beekeeping mentor has some advice. A car-full of confused bees? Sounds like an adventure!

I haven't written much about work lately, because it has been nothing but painting acres and acres of black. The show, Concerning Strange Devices from the Distant West (pictured above), is quite good, but I'm glad that it's open and that we're moving on to the next project.


Anonymous said...

Driving a car full of bees? Now, just how exactly do you explain that to cops when they pull you over? Do they have to write tickets for every little bee that was in the car with you as well? I suspect you just put a sign on the car that says- "Bee-ware! Car full of angry bees!" and EVERYONE will give you all the room on the road that you want!

In reality- don't you have to smoke them to keep them calm? Did you ever find bee balm in your neck of California?

Maybe you can just cover the car in honey of flowers first, and the bees will just follow you to your new house! I suspect this will make you an art car person as well as a bee keeper!


Anonymous said...

We used to live on 20 acres in the Boonies of Sutter County. A local beekeeper asked to use a piece of our land for his 20 or so hives and we agreed. When he had to move them, he did so in the early morning on a day with no wind and mild temps. And he drove his flatbed truck very slowly. We were always pleasantly surprised when we found a couple quarts of honey on our back porch!

Anonymous said...

I so want to see Strange Devices- I keep getting emails about the rave reviews. Also want to see Girlfriend. I should start playing lotto : )



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