Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kitty Party


Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to stay home and do garden-related tasks. Robb rigged up a temporary "run" for Linguine. How many cats can you put on a leash? Linguine is one in a million.

Before we moved, we got her immunized for "outside cat" illnesses. Linguine's too much of an escape artist to let off the leash. Given half a chance, she dives under our house, and dragging her out is no fun.

While everyone else was gorging on football and chicken wings, we were digging in the dirt and hosting a little kitty party. "Sleeves" (washing his belly, on the left, by the ladder) had been missing for most of last week, and re-appeared with huge bite wounds on his flank and back. He's showing no ill-effects, in addition to a total lack of dignity. I'm keeping an eye on his wounds, as much as he'll allow. If things look bad, I'll get some antibiotics to add to his food. He doesn't let me get near enough to touch him.

Because it was so sunny and warm, I brought my baby seeds outside. This may prove to have been a terrible idea.

I know it's downright un-American to have not watched football today. What can we say? We're freaks, but we're happy with our lives.


Music Woman said...

I guess we're unamerican too! Didn't watch the Super Bowl at all! Got a little more caught up on the shows on the TiVo instead :-).

Love the kitties! My cat Sammy (who currently lives at my mom's house since she doesn't like being around other cats) will go on a leash around the yard, and I can even take her on a leash to the vet!

Anonymous said...

I watched some of the "Kitty half time" show instead!

Supposed to get another foot of snow this week on top of our already deep 2 feet. With the snow drifts we got 4 feet of it. Right on top of the driveway, of course! Your backyard hangout in the sun sounds like paradise to me!

By the way congrats to New Orleans! That town NEEDS some good luck!


Gina said...

Your yard makes me swoon! It's quite a different kind of magical over here -- we mad a snow cave and put candles in it instead of watching football last night and I've spent most of the week shoveling and using up the bushel of apples leftover from the show. Apple pie, apple crumble, homemade candied applesauce - and tomorrow the a bunch of the applesauce will turn into walnut apple raisin cake with a lemon orange glaze. This is my version of "gardening" at the moment!

I had great feeligs of guilt this morning as I happily tromped through the three foot drifts to the feeder to fill it back up and later, heard the screams of birds, but couldn't see any near the feedr. The reason soon presented itself. It seems that a crafty hawk took advantage of my feeding area to help himself to a birdie of his own.. He was ripping apart a giant black wing of something in a tree nearby as all the other birds were warning eachother not to come near. At least I think that's what they were doing. They may have been plotting my death when I emerge tomorrow to shovel the next foot of snow that's coming.

I'll think of you with dirt under your nails as I get the snow out from under mine!


Corey said...

I'm un-American too! I spent my night hand drafting, painting a floor rendering and finishing a pounce. Football provided me with a mostly empty building, leaving lots of room for productivity.

Kellyann Brown said...

We didn't watch football either (one of the perks of marrying a foreigner who thinks that football is what we call soccer).

Nice to see the kitties all getting along.


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