Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Continuing Progress


Both Robb and I have noticed how much stronger and more flexible he's become, recently. I asked him what he thought had changed, and he said that he thought that doing all the projects around the house may have helped him build up his core muscles.

He's been really surprising me with what he's able to do. And when projects get a little further along, I'll share photos. (I know you're all *dying* to see the patches in our concrete garage floor...)

Until then, some more pictures of garden visitors. Butterflies in February? (Sorry he's a bit out of focus. It was windy.)

East Coast birders will notice that our Chestnut Backed Chickadee is wearing a little brown vest, to distinguish himself from his Black Capped cousin.


Anonymous said...

If you think about it, housework and gardening are a form of cross training and strength training that is not really repetitive in terms of motion. It can provide a great variety - each day a different project. Great for Robb!!

Alientown, PA

kelley said...

Congratulations and hooray! There is nothing like project-based PT. I worked doggedly for almost 10 years at getting more than a 90 degree bend in my ankle and finally came to something like acceptance that it might never happen. Until last summer when, in a frenzy of weeding, I noticed I was squatting comfortably. Sometimes the best way to progress is to focus on other goals entirely. So.... what's the next project?

Anonymous said...

Hey, when Robb gets into fighting shape, have him come over to Pennsylvania to help Gary waterproof our ever-leaking basement. (It doesnt help that the basement is below the water line and we have 4 feet of snow starting to slowly melt.)

If he cant get it fixed, at least he can help join in with the spirited cursing and ever-experimental water re-routing projects.


ellen said...

How exciting that your new home is doing its part to heal Robb!

So you're taking the plunge into beekeeping. That sounds wonderful. Your last post that mentioned listening to the hum of bees made me recognize how seldom I hear that these days, and how seldom I see honeybees lately.


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