Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uncluttering the Garden


The last seven days have brought us nothing but gloom and rain. Incredibly, the only clear day fell on a Saturday, which meant a chance to get outside. (We're due for another week of rain. Sigh.)

The garden at our house has a number of terribly neglected rosebushes. I know next to nothing about roses, but even I knew that one of my bushes was being swallowed alive by the out-of-control crocosmia. To let you know how bad it was: Robb didn't even realize that there was a rosebush inside the crocosmia leaves.

Today, I spread a tarp on the sloppy-wet ground and set to digging. I don't seem to own a trowel, and my wonderful digging knife is at work, so I used a shovel to do the loosening, and then switched to a pie-server for the delicate work.

Say what you will, we primates are good at adapting tools to suit our needs.

I cleared out all the large bulbs (actually corms) and all the baby plants that were choking the rosebush. I don't have long-term plans for these plants, but for this year, I parked them in one of the vegetable beds, next to my herbs. Once I get a better understanding of the plants in this yard, I'll probably move them to a better spot. I'd be happy to share, when the plants go dormant. Don't ask me when that is -- I don't know, yet!

Robb and I had lunch outside, and were delighted to see hummingbirds drinking nectar from the undivided stand of crocosmias.

We'll never get tired of being able to hang out in our garden in January.

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Becky said...

How funny -- your primates comments has stuck with me for the past few days, an amusing and perceptive thought. Then yesterday, RadioLab's podcast debuted a short piece about a very remarkable orang who learned how to pick locks!


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