Monday, January 25, 2010

As Right as Rain

It has been raining for what seems like forever. I'm happy about this, because California has been in a multi-year drought. But at the same time, I'm tired of the gloom, the mud and the chill, and the damp miserable-ness of my perpetually cold feet. This lovely photo of backyard crocosmia leaves notwithstanding, the Bay Area looks really depressing right about now.

Robb has been having a hard time, with wracking muscular spasticity. He missed Ashely's baby shower on Sunday, because his body, from the navel down, was in a state of unending spasm. In addition to being freaky and painful, this is also really exhausting. Imagine your muscles clenching themselves over and over again in waves of gripping spasms, and then imagine how tiring that would be. Now imagine this going on for hours.

Robb has been cooking the most delicious food lately, including this beautiful spinach pasta. He got it into his head to make egg noodles some time last month, and since then, we've had home-made pasta at least once a week.

Home cooking sure takes the edge off of gloominess. As do silly diagonal photographs.

I keep trying to find the silver lining in all this gloom. (The rain-water inside my orchid buds looks downright silvery, doesn't it? These beautiful plants were a gift from my friend Chih, who has recently opened a bakery, The Republic of Cake, in Orinda. Go check it out -- insanely wonderful cupcakes baked from scratch, every day!)

I know that no matter how difficult things are, Robb and I have so much to be thankful for. Hopefully all that rain will transform itself into beautiful spring wildflowers, very soon.

We need some sunshine in our lives.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Pacific NW...enough said...

While we do not have citrus growing outside (we bring our little lemon tree in on the cold days of winter, but we do have one - a gift to my DH who hails from Huntington Beach, CA), we have some of the most lush greenery in the world. The gray skies are easier to take when you've grown up with them and are used to camping in the damp.

Here, when asked, "what do you do when it rains?" the answer is, "everything you do in the sunshine, but with a slicker and galoshes!" Else, you'd do nothing.

But, yes, we get achy. The cold reaches your bones and moss grows on the back of your legs and arms. My sympathy to Robb and his lower extremities.

Anonymous said...

I have an old Amish cookbook that has a recipie for noodles. The ingredients also call for a straight backed chair- otherwise what do you dry your new noodles on?


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I just asked what he used to dry these noodles on, and he answered, "Either a rolling pin, or my walking stick....I think it was a rolling pin."

I'm not actually sure that we own a straight-backed chair.

Marg said...

Rain, rain, rain, there is a reason there is a disease if you don't get enough sun. I hope Robb's spasms have subsided by now-you can come make pasta here-there is now rain but it "felt like" -16F here earlier today!

the inadvertent farmer said...

Thanks for dropping in...LOVE the pasta shot! I would tell you to enjoy the rain but up here in Washington we are done...put a fork in us we're done, bring on summer! Kim


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