Friday, October 16, 2009



Robb is still sick, but he seems to be on the mend.

I continue feeling weird and unwell.

We know that my problem isn't my brain, thankfully. It isn't my sinuses, either. There's nothing wrong with my ears, and that tedious clogged sensation may be over-stimulation of the tiny muscles that connect to ear bones. My ears aren't actually clogged at all. My sinuses are healthy. My hearing is exemplary

I find it very hard to take care of myself. Pampering is for other people, and not for me. Faced with a tough situation, I don't resort to retail therapy, or a day at the spa, or booze. I grit my teeth and push through the tough times.

And, it may be the case that I'm clenching my jaw so hard that I'm tearing myself apart.

I've scheduled some massages, and will try to schedule a dental appointment to have my jaw looked at. I swear, if I don't get these phantom symptom dealt with, I'm going to lose my mind.


Debbie said...

If you're clenching your jaw you can really do some damage. My dentist made an bite guard for me to wear at night and it really stops the grinding. After I got the guard from the dentist and paid a small fortune for it, I found out you can get something very similar at the drugstore. I used to wear it all the time but now only wear it when I've had a particulary stressful day and know I'll be grinding away if I don't.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that! If you're looking for other suggestions, I've found that even 15 minutes a day of regular meditation makes a huge difference in my mental health & any stress-related health issues. Not that I do it every day despite that...
Best, Spencer

Anonymous said...


SCARY! Just in time for Halloween!

Guess what? We are all getting older and need some pampering. It's not even pampering, it's common sense. You and I are smaller than the average person, and generally super-fueled when it comes to doing arts-related activities. But the older we get the closer we are to burning out, honey. I HAVE to learn the hard way, oftentimes, or not at all, about taking care of myself.

Now that you have a house, your time off from work will be better spent ONLY working on the place, or sleeping. If you want TO LIVE, and LIVE WELL, Resting up half a day before a project (even going back to regular work) will end up being part of a schedule, not rushing off to do something else. By the way, I have had heat stroke 2 times, and not only does it sap your energy away and seriously shock your system for weeks, or months, it is something that you will be susceptible to for the rest of your life, like malaria. Its a serious event that knocks your entire system out of wack. Trust me, I know this.

Mystery blood diseases, chicken pox, heat stroke, guardia lambia, incontentia buttocks, (too much info?) I've had it all, AND in third world countries where the only medical treatment was a goopy local drink made of squashed up bugs. Basically, I was screwed. So be gentle on yourself. Limit your activities, and take some time to learn from Robb. Slow and steady wins the race- take care of your body- IT"S THE ONLY ONE YOU GET.

This is from someone who has been there.

Its still taking me 3 years to get the barn cleaned out- 3 YEARS! I thought it would take me a month. I have to adjust my thinking to a slower pace. And when I finally get it done, me and my grey hairs will have the energy to enjoy it!



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