Tuesday, October 06, 2009

On the mend...I hope!


So, it turns out that my mystery ailment (the weird sensation of having a crayon poked it the inside of my head, and all that) is a sinus infection.

I really love my doctor. She's a sweetie-pie and a hell of a diagnostician. She figured this out almost instantly.

I'm realizing that all the exhaustion leading up to our move, and my chronic "no visible symptoms ailments" were probably this sinus thing. I was so miserable during the period leading up to our move. All the time that I was scraping wallpaper, I was feeling pathetic, and wanting to cry, which wasn't helping the tasks that needed doing get done. I thought I was just a lazy slacker who couldn't keep up with the workload.

I do still have a pocket of spinal fluid in my brain, and I'll be following up on all that. The neurologist tells me not to worry.

Right now, I'm at home, feeling like a have a flu. This is surely the sinus thingy.

I'll be happy when this is over, when my ears unclog, and I don't feel stupid and exhausted all the time.

(The sculpture by Gehard Demetz has nothing to do with anything in this post. Beautiful, isn't it?)


Kaaren said...

Sinusitis stinks. To me, it feels like a super-annoying tingly think in my Sinus cavity.

LOVE that sculpture.

Kim said...

Sinus infections are the worst! I get them at least once a year :( Get some rest! Hot showers! Boil a pot of water, stick your head over it (with a towel over your head), and breathe deeply until the water is cold.

Mama Bear said...

What do you mean the sculpture has nothing to do with this post? I thought it matched it perfectly! There's the Lisa who is wanting to feel good and work on her exciting new house, and then there's the other Lisa with headaches, sinus infections, and spinal fluid in uncomfortable places who just wants to close her eyes and open them when it's all over. And 2nd Lisa is pointing at 1st Lisa saying "pick her - that's the one I'd rather be right now!"

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Someone else suggested that this girl was explaining the crayon-pushing-into-the-head sensation to her doctor.

Chris Gough said...

I can identify with feeling like a weenie when you really are just plain sick. Who has the time? Take care of yourself(ves).

2007 said...

Are you running a temp? If you have a higher temp, 101.5 or more, you have the flu. If it's around 99, a sinus infection.

John had coincidentally similar symptoms but his temp is an ambiguous 100 and thinks (hopes) it's just a cold.

And he could NEVER strip wallpaper, tear out gardens, resurface floors or ANYthing like you've been doing for the past couple of weeks feeling anywhere NEAR the way he does. YOU, dear Lisa, are a dynamo!


Anonymous said...

Stupid? Exhausted? Sweetheart, those words are how I basically describe myself when I take out a personal ad!

Actually, results of your cranial freak-out are more of a relief that it's not something more serious- are you guys completely moved into your new home now, or still sleeping at your old place? Using cardboard boxes as pillows can suck.

And working slowly on your house just now means you are not TIRED- you are merely "taking your time and doing a meticulous restoration!" It's all in the verbage, honey.

By the way, it's harvest season here, and the local vegatarians must be really happy. We are sort of having a bumper crop of everything now. I should be happy, but I lost my damn cell phone in a
field when digging potatoes.



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