Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday Lisa was really down on herself for getting overheated on the ride. I think of it like this: When it's 100 degrees and the sun is beating down, I usually won't even go outside. To ride for miles and miles, mostly uphill, on a day like that requires a lot of determination, devotion and craziness. I'm proud of her and of us all for having done it at all.

As we were relaxing after the ride, lounging on the lawn at the vineyard that was our start and finish line, I gained a different perspective on the day. A red-faced cyclist who obviously had just finished a much longer ride than ours was lying on his back and complaining to his friend that he had blown all his energy at the beginning. "Man! Those last forty-five miles were rough!"

It's all how you look at it...


Anonymous said...



Some days I can't even roll over in bed!

Glad to hear you guys did the ride, finished or not- save that energy for painting the house! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Somedays we all are our own worst critic and others never share our opinion of ourselves, thank goodness. First, kudos for doing the event, second (in the heat) to have the understanding and foresight to know what may be detremential to yourself and the good judgment to follow through.

Congrats on Lisa's participation and good judgment. The event is to be applauded, as well as everyone who participated!

100 Degrees... good grief. I too try not to venture outside my hot house into the elements unless into my air conditioned car to say nothing about riding in an event.

You both are very brave souls!

Wendy In The Eastbay

Martha said...

Lisa is way too hard on herself. Look at how well her blog has helped to raise money for BORP! I just got my late donation in. Better late than never, right?


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