Thursday, August 06, 2009

A photo essay


Yesterday, my painters and I engaged in a bit of reverse-vandalism. We all met up in front of a punk club in Berkeley (which is credited as being the place where Green Day got its start), and ripped posters off off telephone poles.

I was anticipating weird interactions with pedestrians, but nobody so much as blinked.

This show plays on a huge set, that it covered in band posters and graffiti. Most of the posters on our set are printed, but we're augmenting those posters with found images.

Gaby walks through our gigantic, crowded studio.

Allie contemplates our smallest wall. All the walls in this show are forty feet tall.

I've been working twelve-hour days. I send my painters home after eight hours, and then Sheri, who is working at another theater during the day joins me for a few hours in the evening.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it takes me back to the days I worked at the Berkeley Rep and lived just up the street from 924 Gilman, all the posters, in those days Green Day had just hit it big and brought the punk revival movement upon us.

I remember sitting in the electrics and sound office/shop under the seats listening to Live105, with Steevon making up words to the songs.


Anonymous said...

Got my tickets for sep. 6! Cant wait to see the show!

Anonymous said...

Got my tickets for the 10th and 12th! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim said...

I am so excited for this show! I won't be able to see it - seeing as I live in Michigan, but just reading your blog is making me shiver in anticipation at what the set will look like.

I got my Undergrad degree in Theatre, and while I'm presently not pursuing it (getting my Master's in Digital Media - so I can hopefully learn that to later apply to theatre), it is totally my passion and I love anything revolving around it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Greg,

Green Day was never part of any punk revival movement. They succeeded in taking the punk rock sound and turned it into palatable popular music=$$$. Punk rock died far before Green Day came along, and I don't think they're its resuscitation.

--old and still too young to have known the real punk movement


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