Saturday, August 29, 2009

The appeal of red, if you are a hummingbird.


Two nights ago, I was sitting out behind our new/old house, and a hummingbird flew into the yard.

First he checked out the red-topped candle lantern that Robb had found in the garage. Then he investigated the red metal rake I had just bought. Then he took a long look at the red can of fruit soda I was drinking.

I had already bought a red hummingbird feeder, but there was no sugar at the house, with which to make syrup.

This morning I filled and hung the hummingbird feeder, and the birds found it less than twelve hours later. In fact, we saw our first hummingbird fight. I'm going to have to put up another feeder. (Of course, the birds found the feeder after dusk, so all I got were grainy, blurry, Bigfoot-worthy photographs.)

This picture is from April, at the best hummingbird park in Alameda.


Anonymous said...

We have had hummingbirds every summer here in Redding. They are amazing creatures. It's fun when you get to follow their feeding patterns and pecking order...they fight a lot. When Rich and I are eating out on the deck...they will actually "buzz" us on their way to the feeder! Enjoy!


ArtGekkoI said...

I've put up feeders, but they don't seem to find them (and I do change the contents often enough to avoid spoilage). But I do see them around quite frequently in my garden, which makes me feel good.

I like the photo here. The way the feathers on his face lay, he looks like he flew through a splash of red paint!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Maybe the Art Gekko hummingbirds have plenty of things to eat, and don't need the feeder food.

Who knows?

Gabrielle said...

that's a great picture.
once i was having dinner on the porch in a red sweater and a hummingbird came up and buzzed all around me like he was figuring out what the best approach was. it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

I totally love Bigfoot! He keeps digging thru my compost and messing it up.

Get yourself a Hummingbird Bush- those birdies LOVE them.


Becky said...

Amy from Day-Lab just posted a video of a dear little hummingbird searching for bugs:

I just love the little guys.


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