Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let's Ride Bikes!


Who wants to join us this Saturday? We'll be riding bikes and then cooking out, all in support of BORP and its great recreational programs for people with disabilities.

Here's the scoop from BORP's website:

The 2009 Revolution Kick-Off party will be held at our Adaptive Cycling Center (80 Bolivar Drive) on July 18th.

The day starts with your choice of two road rides , both of which start at 10 AM. There will be an easy no-drop ride (Redwood-Pinehurst) and a longer, faster route (the Bears Loop).

At the completion of the rides, a party will be held, starting around 1 PM. The party will have a BBQ and drinks, a great raffle, and will also give you a chance to learn more about BORP and register for this year's Revolution Ride (September 26th).

Don't miss a great day of fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey there- I checked the BORP website- is it possible to sponser Robb this year again? It would have to be for less then last year, as the economy has gone to hell, but we would still like to make an effort!

Its up to 90 degrees here and hasn't rained for over a month. According to the musical Oklahoma, by July, the corn should be as high as an elephants eye, but its only up to my knee right now. Corn futures are going to be sky-high this fall, in case you are curious...


. . . lisa . . . said...

Actually, I think I'm going to be the "competitive" fundraiser, if that doesn't sound too totally crass.


Anonymous said...

LOL! The title of this post reminds me of a joke favored by a former student.

How many kids with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?

Let's go ride bikes!

(He had some pretty obvious ADD, and he was one of my all time favorite students.)

Contessa Ennui said...

I would sooo join you! If I were going to be in the area this weekend... :(

Anonymous said...

Alright, girly-

Whatta I gotta do, hon, to "sponser you?"
Do I click on the website and look under a specific heading in particular? I have looked this up, but I can't find what I need to know.



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