Thursday, July 30, 2009

from blue to green


I've been working on this huge American Idiot project, and one thing I've really enjoyed is spending some of my free time having a Green Day video-watching party.

Robb and I agreed that it is a pity that there's not really a venue for music videos anymore. We pretty much only see music in the juniors' section in department stores or at H&M. It never occurs to me to go looking for them online.

Too bad, really, because the short film format is pretty entertaining.

(Stick with this one to the end.)


Anonymous said...

Great Video... I just got notice from B&N that they have CD's (not videos though) on sale On Line with Green Day's new album released I think last May for $8.99 (member reduced rate) and if you have their special on line coupon, you can get it for $7.99. A great deal for great music!

Wendy In The Eastbay

{PS... also Daugherty's new release is the same deal).

Anonymous said...

I love Green Day! Im a 90's girl so I have been able to see them grow, and I think they have just been consistantly good throughout the years ( I cant say they are better cause I love the old stuff!). And I don't think they ever sold out, like some locals would say. I really wish I would have been able to get tix to the show you guys are putting on. Im waiting for the email to come one day that says Im a winner of one last available ticket lol!

-Jen of Mommyslilmonsters


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