Saturday, July 11, 2009

fabulousness, restored!


Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments.

I was in a really bad mood when I got home last night, and eventually settled on the idea that a night of movie-watching would do me a world of good. We have Netflix on demand, so I told Robb that what I wanted was nothing that could be described as "harrowing." I wanted comfort and sweetness, and prettiness. I told him I wanted a movie with frolicking otters and girls in Edwardian dresses.

And Robb being Robb, delivered. Admittedly, he swapped out adorable baby lambs for the otters, but otherwise, I got exactly what I needed.

We watched the 1993 film of The Secret Garden, which was lovely. And then we followed that up with The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

I'm feeling much better, now.

I don't know if you ever read The Secret Garden, but it was a real favorite of mine. In fact, its almost comical how well that book sums me up. You have loneliness, the healing power of tending an abandoned garden, the love of animals, you have a young man who learns to walk again, and you have hope.

Follow that up with the lizard-infested fabulous-ness of Priscilla, and its message of being true to yourself (no matter how difficult that is), finding love and creating family in the most unlikely places, and all is right in the universe.

(But really, if you've never read The Secret Garden,or if you haven't read it in years, check it out from the library. You won't be disappointed.)


Kellyann Brown said...

One of my RX-flixes is "Murphy's Romance", another is "Real Genius".
If I am in a serious funk, anything Jane Austin (with the possible exception of Northanger Abbey) tends to cheer me up after several hours. I see that you have Jane Austin and the Zombies on your reading list... I have looked at it... are you enjoying?

P.S. Love that beautiful Rufus hummingbird at the top of the tree in your last post... you know what he was doing...high up, looking for "Targets of Attack"!! :::smile::

torirot said...

Oh, I loved The Secret Garden too, read it over and over again, as a child. And was really happy when I found that my kids like it too, thirty years later.

Glad you're feeling better!


Anonymous said...

'Secret Garden' was the first 'big kids' book I remember reading to my 6 & 9 year olds 20 years ago. I used a different accent or affectation for each character, which was fun and the kids loved. I'll bet to this day between my daughter, son and myself, we'd still argue over which of us loved it best.

Movies. . . the best escape there is.


Mel said...

Oh, I loved that book, and that version of the movie - I think it was a 'hallmark hall of fame' tv special, and I still have a vhs tape of it, and the now-ridiculous commercials somewhere. I'm glad you're feeling better. *hugs*

gollygee said...

The first time I started reading The Secret Garden, I gave up on it because I found the first part of the book very boring (I quit right before she discovered the garden, of course :D). But when I picked it up a second time (and got to the part where she finds the garden) I enjoyed it so much! It's a great book! :) I haven't seen Priscilla yet though, I'll have to add that to my Netflix queue! :)

Tonya said...

would so love to be a Drag Queen!!


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