Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snail Pipe


After a long break, Robb went cycling again today. Here's the photo he brought home. That's a tipped-over concrete curb, and an un-used pipe sleeve.



Contessa Ennui said...

Nature finds ways to overcome human constructed debris, always, sometimes it just takes longer. On an adopt-a-highway stint, I found a broken glass bottle that a dandelion had planted itself in. Looked like a vase, or that it meant to grow there.
I heart seeing nature take its own back.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so you have TWO photographers in the family! Every time I see that bright yellow color I think about sunflowers, which makes me think of those snails as being slugs in sunflowers, which makes me think of looking up, which makes me think of your garden which makes me look up and watch out for hourds of sky-then-gravity-directed slugs! Whew! Thats some free association!

By the way, its 11:30 am on a Sunday here, and our kitten has just started going into labor. Wanna kitten in a couple of weeks? Their mama cat Sneakers is a magnificant hunter, by the way. Any offspring could be trained to hunt your garden slugs, I bet!



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