Wednesday, May 06, 2009



Robb and I need a vacation. This winter and spring have been really stressful and exhausting, and we need to recharge our batteries.

Since Robb cannot sit for long periods of time, we are interested in going somewhere that we can drive to. (This way, Robb can lay down in the car, and we can take travel breaks.) A very short plane ride might be all right, too.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places for us to hang out? We were thinking Yosemite, but that's because we already know that we like it there. Robb needs a real bed to sleep on, so we're not considering camping. Bike trails are preferable to hiking trails. We are trying to save our pennies, so we're not looking to do anything super-expensive.

We would love to hear your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Fort Bragg, Mendocino Coast area for beautiful, natural vistas and amazing flora and fauna.

Grumpy Grinch

Anonymous said...

I second Ft Bragg... they have an AMAZINGLY cool "Glass Beach"... and some pretty nice letterboxes too!

greg said...

Fort Bragg/Mendocino is good but also have a look at Lassen Volcanic National Park (they have mud pots!), while you are in the area there is also Lava Beds, Crater Lake and Redwoods NP up here. (Plus you can visit us and we can take you for a meal at Sierra Nevada Brewery)

Anonymous said...

Gee, I dont know... I had a pretty good time down in California last time, picking up garbage off of what otherwise looked like a nice beach-type area! Maybe you could go there. There are so many people who go to California as a vacation spot, so its hard to think of leaving your area for a vacation. I personally thought Mount Diabolo was very nice!

Did you ever get those spider email photos anyway?


Anonymous said...

I also recommend Fort Bragg. We stay at The Beachcomber, right at the Pudding Creek bridge. The Ten Mile (pedestrian/bike/equestrian) Trail is literally outside their door, and the wildflowers should be gettin' goin' about now!

Yosemite MJD

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know much about how this works towards injuries, and Robb's recovery, but have you heard of Osmosis Day Spa on the Sonoma coast? They have a cedar enzyme treatment (sort of like a mud bath, except in ground cedar, plant enzymes, etc..which heat naturally, by fermentation, creating biologically generated warmth that mimics the body's natural metabolic process.) This is apparently one of two sites which offer this treatment outside of Japan. Aside from the Cedar Enzyme treatment, the facilities are beautiful and serene, and the massage was the best I've ever had!

Anyways, just a suggestion. If you choose Mendocino, I've forwarded you an email I got from the MacCallum House for discounted stay.

Then there's my friend's recent "Staycation" idea of hitting spots around the Bay Area which she had been wanting to experience and indulging closer to home. She posted pictures from that so all of us could live vicariously through her!
Have fun!
: ) China Girl

Anonymous said...

If you want to head even further up the coast, then I highly recomend the Humboldt area, very beautiful, and they have an agate beach, searching for those is probably not good for Robbs back though

Kaaren said...

I guess Florida's out of the question. *sniff*

Anonymous said...

If you guys miraculously recover, consider us folks down here 'round Gettysburg way around the fourth of July for the re-enactment madness. If you bring your own cannon it is a $15 fee.

How we are supposed to tow our own personal cannon behind our Pinto and up the hill to Gettysburg I will never know. I wonder what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has to say about towing cannons on a federal US Highway during tourist season? What does the ticketing officer write on his ticket? Unlawful towing of a historic artifact?


Anonymous said...

Coast seems chilly these days.. how about going inland to Calistoga? nice spas! wineries! the cool little repeating geyser, as seen on the Crystal Geyser bottle (oh that might be a good place for a letterbox). There is even a small petrified forest near there..
there area lso hot air balloon and glider rides- not cheap but fun..don't do the glider if you ge t motion sick!
massages (if Robb can tolerate) and hot springs, yah
Much cheaper if you can get away mid week or Sun-Mon night stay.

MommaWriter said...

If you consider heading towards Lassen, McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park is lovely. We just did a camping trip there. They have some cute little (overpriced) cabins in the campground that have bunk beds in them. I have a feeling they wouldn't work for Robb since they're not a lot more cushy than the floor, however. But if you find a nice little hotel to stay at, that would be an awesome trip! Not a lot like a spa weekend though!

Anonymous said...

Highly recommend:

Longish drive but you can make it in a day with stops to rest.



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