Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Day at the Races


Robb called me from the trail, to see how I was feeling (still sick, sweaty and woozy, thanks for asking).

"I went to the track today and came out fifty bucks ahead" he told me.

Now, neither Robb nor I have the gambling gene. The only parts of being in a casino that I find interesting are the people watching, and (perversely) how much my people watching freaks Robb out. Robb's uncle and grandfather were New York police officers, and I credit this fact with Robb's fear of offending anyone connected to the Mafia. Apparently, there are rules about this, and chief among them is You Do Not Look at Anyone or Anything in a Casino For More Than Thirty Seconds. Casinos are owned by the Mafia. Mafia business is not your business. Avert your eyes, and move along quickly.

I may, of course, be totally mistaken and even delusional about all of this.

In any case neither of us have any interest in gambling, and find racetracks terribly boring. I'm sorry. We just do.

I knew Robb was pulling my leg about going to the track, and asked, "So you found fifty bucks in the parking lot?"

Robb rides through the parking lot at Golden Gate Fields at least four times a week. He told me today that he's always looking for dropped cash, because he figures that when people are leaving the track they are drunk, they're carrying cash, and are walking through a very windy parking lot.

Robb credits his windfall (which was folded up in a neat little origami shape) with the fact that he was having a Very Slow Day, and was pedaling up the hill at one-and-a-half miles an hour.

That's the positive spin on the fact that he was having a Very Slow Day.



Kaaren said...

Cool! Found $$.

Anonymous said...

What fun! How will you, er, Robb spend it?
Well, we like sto see horses, especially running ones,but the oval-racetrack concept is a bit of a yawn, I agree.
Can you believe we just spent 4 days in Vegas and did not gamble one dime? (we were there for a wedding- and the Red Rock boxes, of course!)

LunaSea said...

That bobcat shot is spectacular! I pulled an injured one off of HWY 1 years back. Dumb. I know better... but I just couldn't leave it there. Drove her to the vet.

Anonymous said...

And I get happy when I find the occasional dollar or two when pants come out of the laundry....and that's my OWN money. Wow! Pretty cool! : ) ChinaGirl

gollygee said...

Wow, go Robb! :)

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, the mafia totally owes me money.

How's that for a switch?

Just joking.

I found a 20 dollar bill once in the pocket of a very dirty coat at the Salvation army in Baltimore city years ago, I suspect since the pockets were also full of nasty used tissues, it prevented anyone else from digging around in there to find it.

You just KNOW now that some guy from the mafia is going to track Robb and shake him down for that money. Good thing Robb can out manuver anyone with that bike of his!



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